Brookeleigh (starrgazer54) wrote in graphics_palace,

Im looking for someone who is interested in doing a matching graphic set (FO Banner, Icon, and Header).
I am asking that if you are interested in helping me you do them all not just one because I would like them to match.
Thank you in advance
IM me at cxuntcore (aim) or email at

Image(s): and (cropped so that link isnt there)
I would like them blended together as one image like this
What I want done:I would like it done rainbow like this or something of the sort
Text:On the bottom I would like 'Starrgazer54's Journal Vintage Love'
I would like 'Starrgazer54's Journal' to be the same size and font as this if that font is possible then something cursive or feminine would be fine. 'Vintage Love' should be one size smaller than 'Starrgazer54's Journal'
Color should be a darker red then what is in the rainbow or compatible and readable with whatever you use. Nothing too tacky looking please.

*Friends Only Banner
if the text already there cant be taken out by cropping or whatever without cutting off ashleys head the use this one
(and crop out the text)
What I want done:I would like it done rainbow like the header
Text: On the bottom I would like in the same font and size as 'Starrgazer54's Journal', 'Friends Only' and in the same font and size as 'Vintage Love', 'Comment to be Added'.

What I want done:Same rainbow as the others
Text: In the same font (if readable that small) on the bottom put 'Vintage Love'(black) with a blinking white heart.

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